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Kinesiology is a non-invasive therapy which uses muscle monitoring to access your subconscious to identify and clear any imbalances within your mind, body and soul to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

It stimulates your body’s natural healing ability to restore balance and health.

Touching the Surface

Why choose kinesiology?

Kinesiology uses a combination of eastern and western medicines to help address a wide range of issues whether it be physical, emotional, mental, nutritional or spiritual. It was created in the 1960’s by Dr Goodheart (Chiropractor) in America. He discovered that each muscle was related to an energy circuit and each circuit was related to an organ, a gland or a meridian.

Kinesiology is a powerful investment in your health. If you'd like to find out more or aren't quite sure whether it's right for you please do get in touch to book a 15 minute call so we can discuss your health concerns in confidence.

Often the root of your symptoms is in a completely different place from your pain or discomfort. A migraine might be caused by a digestive issue, old injuries might not heal because of trapped trauma, lower back pain might be stress-related. Aurelia Wellbeing will find this root cause so the healing process can start.


The great news is that the body has all the answers and Kinesiology is a way to find them, taking the guesswork out of healthcare. No more guessing which supplements to take, no more guessing which factors are slowing you down and no more worrying that this is going to be your reality forever. 

The body always wants to heal, and with Kinesiology we can give it the helping hand it needs.


What methods are used?

Several balancing methods are used. They are based on the tracing or massaging of meridians, through a gentle rubbing, holding or tapping of acupressure points.

Aurelia Wellbeing uses flower essences, herbal preparations made only from the flower of the plant in a way to embody its higher vibrational healing. 

Flowers and Bottles

A full set of tuning forks is used to apply healing sound on the body.

Patients are encouraged to strengthen their systems with wholefood nutrition and avoid unhealthy products.

Healthy Salad
Love Yourself

There are always multiple perspectives to any situation or circumstance. Belief system reframing helps to get the best approach to view a situation so it brings out motivation and inspiration. Combined with positive affirmation, it is a great way to clear self-sabotaging patterns and negative thoughts.

Relaxation and visualisation is another powerful technique that can help the client unwind and relieve stress. It involves using mental imagery to achieve a more relaxed state of mind. Similar to daydreaming, the visualisation is accomplished through the use of your imagination.  

Scented Candle

Your aura is your spiritual suppor system to your physical body and show you how to tune into your own energy field to help restore your body to its natural state of health and well being with specific healing balances.​

Chakra healing allows you to tap into your beautiful energy field and allow you to appreciate the connections between your body, mind and spirit.​

Back Massage

Manual lymphatique massage will encourage the natural drainage of the lymph fluids around the body. The fluid in the lymphatic system helps remove waste and toxins from the bodily tissues.​


Aurelia Wellbeing is specialised in treating these conditions

Distance Learning

Enhance memory and concentration

Happy Sports Team
Sport and fitness

Muscular condition and recovery

Stressed Man

Stress management and relaxation

Decision making

Increase awareness through visualisation

Young Man in Therapy
Past trauma

Overcome physical and emotional issues


Identifying excess or deficiency & allergies,

digestive problems

Taking blood pressue
Cardio vascular

Blood pressure, respiratory and cardiovascular issues

Rolling Cigarettes

Remove compulsive behaviours

Physical Therapist

Aiding in muscle injury healing

Woman in Pain

Managing anxiety, depression, fatigue, low energy

Happy Man

Self development and wellbeing


Releasing fears and phobias


Improve hormonal imbalance

Young Woman with Freckles

Correct skin disorder

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