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In search of a formula

One of the stories is that while teaching at Kyoto tat Dr Usui was first prompted to seek a method of healing through touch. The students asked why ordinary people could not heal through touch and they felt strongly that the legacy left by great healers was the message that everyone could heal if they truly sought the answers. Dr. Usui promised to find these answers. He resigned his teach post, and began his quest. 

In order to find answers, Dr. Usui began years of study in monasteries and libraries in the United States, China, India and Tibet. During this time many wonderful blessing were revealed to Dr. U sui, but he wanted to be able to put his new knowledge into practice. All the secrets revealed to him were experienced in an intellectual sense, and Dr. Usui knew he must translate what he had learned into action if it was to heal. Yearning to discover a physical formula, he decided he would meditate his desire to do this and travelled to sacred Mount Koriyama in Northern Japan

The 21 Stones

On reaching Mount Koriyama, Dr. Usui gathered 21 stones and made a pile, intending to throw one stone away at the end of each day. The number 21 is quite significant here, and occurs in many religions. During this time, he contemplated all he had learned, read and experienced, and continued meditate. Dr. Usui had still not found his answers when the first light of the 21st day began to dawn. As he stood on the mountain looking into the dark sky, he could see a light hurtling straight towards him. 
He did not move, and the ball of light grew and grew until it finally hit him between the eyes. Dr. Usui was convinced he was about to die when he saw millions of tiny bubbles in every colour of the rainbow. The symbols and the very essence of their meanings were contained within the bubbles, and Dr. Usui immediately understood them. He said, "I remember." This was the answers to his prayers, the sear of insight and intuition. Reiki had been discovered once more.


Four miracles

On his way down the mountain Dr. Usui stubbed his toe. Instinctively, he placed his hands over the wound, to relieve his injury. When he removed them, the bleeding had stopped and the toe was healed. It was the first of four miracles. On his way to share his joyous new discovery, Dr. Usui saw a place to eat at the road side. After 21 days without food, the owner advised him to eat little and to avoid overloading his systems. Ravenous, Dr. Usui ignored his advice and ate until he was full. The man looked on, incredulous at the strength of Dr. Usui's digestive system. That was the second miracles of the day. After his breakfast Dr. Usui noticed that the owner's granddaughter was in great pain from a toothache. Dr. Usui placed his hands on either side of her face, and the pain disappeared; the third miracle of the day. 
When Dr. Usui reached the Zen monastery, he went to find the abbot, who was suffering from arthritic pain. Dr. Usui placed his hands on the abbot, who felt immediate relief. That was the fourth miracle of the day.


Into the world

Dr. Usui then decided to take the gift of the Reiki to the places where it was needed most. The slums of Kyoto became his clinic for several and healing power of Reiki was very successful at treating many physical disorders. It was with great surprise that Dr. Usui saw the same beggars on the streets time and time again, and he wondered why they did not make their way in the world once they were fit and healthy. Perhaps it was because the beggars had not given anything in exchange, and did not appreciate the Reiki; perhaps they did not feel empowered themselves because someone else was healing them; or perhaps they were following their own personal path by begging. Dr. Usui realized he could attune others to heal themselves, and begin a new life travelling and teaching and healing with Reiki. He is buried in Kyoto cemetery, where the beautiful inscription on his gravestone is a testament to people's gratitude for his deep commitment to and love for all living things.

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